Corporate Social Responsibility

Hosaf Group believes in sharing its prosperity to augment the growth and improving the Bangladeshi community. Its support has been resolute and unfaltering over the years. Hosaf Group's bonding with the nation and its people are further strengthened by its charitable pledges and commitments. The company has played an important role in carrying out its social duties with the same standard of excellence and dedication shown in its daily operations

As a part of its corporate social responsibility, Hosaf Group constructed the Bokter Munshi Moazzam Hossain High School in Shonagazi, Feni. The school has a competent headmaster with 28-trained teachers and 925 students. The performance of the students in the Secondary School Certificate examination is well above the average. Hosaf Group believes in education as a power to eliminate poverty in Bangladesh and with this view in mind, it also set up the Bhor Bazar Belayet Hossain High School in Shonagazi, feni. Since its inception, Hosaf Group has been continuously patronizing this institution with all necessary financial and logistic support. The establishment of Amirabad Anowara Girls' High School Sonagazi, Feni is another example of Hosaf Group's role in contributing to the social economic development of the country.

In addition, Hosaf Group has been instrumental in awarding scholarships to meritorious students every year for higher studies in the country, giving much emphasis on moral education. The company has also played an important role in promoting sports and other extra curricular activities by sponsoring the Hosaf President Cup golf tournaments at the Savar Golf Club.