Energyprima Limited (EPL), a sister concern of Hosaf Group, is one of the pioneers among the private sector rental power generation companies in the country. The company’s vision is to provide uninterrupted electricity to its customers by ensuring efficient utilization of capital, machinery, as well as human resource. The company has been involved in taking steps for continuously improving customer satisfaction and resource management in order to establish itself as the leading private sector power producer in the country.

Power shortage is a serious challenge to Bangladesh’s economic development and Hosaf Group immensely contributed in the critical area of generation, following the establishment of energyprima Limited (EPL) as a private limited company in 15 January 2008 which was subsequently converted into public limited company on 30 March 2010 with the aim of meeting the acute power crisis in the country.

EPL was awarded four rental power plants, totaling 170 MW in early 2008, which had been instrumental in reducing the power shortage in Bangladesh. Energyprima Limited set up two units of 50 MW power plants projects in Kumargaon, Sylhet and Shahjibazar, Hobigonj which are currently in operation with brand new Caterpillar gas engines and have been successfully generating about 100MW that was connected to the national grid within a short span of time. Both the plants came into commercial operation from July and November 2008 respectively. The 20 MW power plant at Bogra has completed commercial operation since November 2011. The 50 MW power plant at Fenchuganj, Sylhet came into commercial operation from February 2012 with brand new GE Jenbacher gas engines.

At present, 170 MW power is being generated and supplied continuously to the National Grid by these four power plants.

Considering the immense opportunities, Energyprima Limited is determined to establish more power plants around the country to meet the government objective of ensuring access to electricity for all and to make Bangladesh free from load shedding.