Hosaf International Limited

Hosaf International Limited is a sister concern of Hosaf Group of Companies which was incorporated on 12th March 1994 as a Private Limited Company. The Khalashpir Coal Mine Project of Hosaf International Limited, is situated in the Pirganj Upazila under Rangpur district.

Hosaf International Limited undertook exploration license from government of Bangladesh in October 2003 for coal exploration in Khalashpir, covering an area of 25.00 sq.km. . A Techno-Economic Feasibility Study of Khalashpir Coal Deposit has been made by Hosaf-Chinese Consortium under Hosaf International Limited through an Exploration License Contract with Bureau of Mineral Development (BMD), government of Bangladesh.

Hosaf-Chinese Consortium conducted high resolution 2D (over 12.25 sq. km.) and 3D seismic survey (over 3.0 sq. km.) and drilled fourteen (14) exploration bore holes, covering an area of 12.25 sq. km. over Khalashpir Coal Basin during 2004-2006. On the basis of seismic survey and 17-exploration bore holes, Hosaf-Chinese Consortium discovered a total reserve of 491.95 million tons of very high quality bituminous coal spreading over eight (8) coal seams, ranging from a depth of 245 meters to 480 meters from the surface. The average calorific value of coal hasbeen found at 12,500 BTU/lb.

The development of Khalashpir Coal Mine will take four years and initial coal production of 1.00 million ton will start from the 5th year and 2.00 million tons will commence from the 7th year when 500 MW of electricity will be generated. The coal production will be raised to 4.00 million tons per annum from the 12th year when 1000 MW of electricity will be generated. This will continue up to 30th year. The life of the mine has been considered as 30-years and during these periods, a total of about 100.00 million tons of coal will be extracted from seam no. 1, 2 & 4.