Hosaf Group is functioning with a professional management team headed by founder Chairman Mr.Moazzam Hossain and its Directors Mrs.Ilya R.Hossain, Mr.Mabroor Hossain, Mrs.Mehtaj Hossain and Mr. Shahadat Hossain.

Mr. Moazzam Hossain
Managing Director

Mr. Moazzam Hossain is a leading and successful entrepreneur in Bangladesh and has played a pioneering role in the establishment of the first joint venture company for deep sea fishing. He completed his graduation under the University of Dhaka and subsequently, left for higher studies to Nagoya University, Japan.

Mr. Hossain, the founder of Hosaf Group of Companies, was one of the first entrepreneurs in Bangladesh to have expanded his business both at home and abroad. With his strong sense of business acumen and foresight, he has established himself as one of the leading and successful businessmen in the country.

Mr. Hossain was former Chairman of National Bank Limited, Pragati Insurance Company Limited, President of Bangladesh Energy Companies Association, Vice President of BGMEA and Chairman of Presidency University. Currently, he is the Chairman of Hosaf Proficient Energy Limited.

Today, Hosaf Group, under his dynamic leadership, has been making fruitful and positive contribution to the economic uplift of the country.

Mrs. Ilya R. Hossain

Mrs. Ilya R. Hossain has twenty eight years of business experience. She represents Citilink Apartment Limited in the Board of Directors. Mrs. Hossain completed BA (Hon’s) from University of Dhaka and joined Hosaf Group in 1987. During the tenure of her service, she held the position of Director in Pragati Insurance Co. Ltd. and several companies of Hosaf Group.

Mr. Mabroor Hossain

Mr. Mabroor Hossain is the Managing Director of Hosaf Proficient Energy Limited.

Mr. Hossain has been managing diversified business interests in Bangladesh. He has over ten years of experience in operations and management level. At present, he is a Director of National Bank Limited, Pragati Life Insurance Limited, Hosaf Meter Industry Limited and Hosaf International Limited. Mr. Hossain has a B.Sc. in Business Management from University of Bolton, UK.

Mrs. Mehtaj Hossain

Mrs. Mehtaj Hossain joined Energyprima Limited as a Director. She completed her graduation in Economics and Business from University College London (UCL), UK and Masters from London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK. She has been involved in a management role of the various units of Hosaf Group for eight years. At present, she holds Directorship of Hosaf Meter Industry Limited.

Mr. Shahadat Hossain

Mr. Shahadat Hossain has over twenty nine years of experience in the field of operations and management. He completed his Masters in Political Science from University of Dhaka. He was Director of National Bank Limited and Managing Director of Hosaf Meter Industry Limited.