Electricity consumption reduced by HPE's new technology LED Tube Light and Bulb, DC Ceiling Fan, and DC Water Pump


Electricity consumption reduced by HPE's Solar Water Pumps


Electricity consumption compared to regular water pumps


Efficiency of HPE's High-Quality Mono-Crystalline Solar Modules

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Bangladesh's abundant natural resources and skilled workforce are marred by the challenge of acute power shortage resulting from rapid growth and industrialization over the past three decades. The government strives to ensure uninterrupted power supply to manufacturing plants, but with limited and expensive alternate energy sources, industries resort to diesel generators, which not only prove costly and high maintenance but also contribute to environmental pollution. Addressing this critical issue, Hosaf Proficient Energy (HPE), a concern of Hosaf Group, is determined to provide sustainable solar energy solutions in Bangladesh, offering cost-saving, eco-friendly products with low maintenance. By introducing solar panels and energy-efficient lighting, HPE aims to reduce electricity consumption and alleviate pressure on the national grid, enhancing overall efficiency in electricity utilization.

Hosaf Proficient Energy towards a Greener Tomorrow

Recognizing the imperative to curtail excess power usage, HPE introduces innovative technology like LED tube lights, bulbs, DC ceiling fans, and DC water pumps, consuming only 30% of electricity compared to regular electric products. The company's solar water pumps are designed to serve areas with no access to electricity or unreliable power supply, significantly reducing electricity consumption, operating on only 10% of what conventional pumps require. With a comprehensive range of solar products, including charge controllers, inverters, streetlights, and portable solar solutions for rural areas, HPE emphasizes high quality and efficiency. Moreover, their on-grid and hybrid solar solutions provide electricity during the day and switch to backup batteries at night, even having the capacity to supply surplus power to the national grid, marking a significant step toward sustainable and efficient energy utilization in Bangladesh.