Storied residential building on Mirpur Road in Dhanmondi


Storied corporate office of Hosaf Group, called Hosaf Tower, located in Mohakhali, C/A


Storied shopping and office complex at Malibagh, Dhaka


Guest capacity convention center, named Hosaf Convention Center, located at the Hosaf Malibag Shopping Complex

We conduct all business with the highest standards

Citilink Apartment Limited, a sister concern of Hosaf Group, has established itself as a reputable real estate company, driven by meticulous management and a strong focus on client satisfaction. Since its inception in the 1980s, the company's primary objective has been to acquire and develop real estate properties to meet the escalating demand for new towns and industries. Emphasizing both comfort and service, Citilink Apartment Limited maintains an unwavering standard of excellence in all its endeavors.

Citilink Apartment’s Real Estate Excellence

Over the years, Citilink Apartment Limited has successfully completed several noteworthy projects in Dhaka, showcasing its expertise in the real estate domain. These projects include a six-storied residential building situated on Mirpur Road in Dhanmondi, the impressive corporate office of Hosaf Group located in the 14-storied High Tower at Mohakhali, C/A, a 16-storied shopping-cum-office complex in Malibagh, Dhaka, and the Hosaf Convention Center with a hall capacity of accommodating 2500 guests, located at the Hosaf Malibagh Shopping Complex. Through its exceptional real estate ventures, Citilink Apartment Limited continues to make a significant impact in the property development landscape of Dhaka.

Citilink Apartment ltd is constructing a 20 storied building at 10, Mohakhali C/A which will be the future
corporate office of Hosaf Group.