Rental Power Plants awarded to EPL in early 2008

170 MW

Total capacity and power generation supplied to the National Grid

50 MW

3 Power Plant projects set up by Energyprima Limited

20 MW

1 Power Plant projects set up by Energyprima Limited

We conduct all business with the highest standards

Energyprima Limited (EPL), a sister concern of Hosaf Group, stands as one of the pioneering private sector rental power generation companies in Bangladesh. With a visionary commitment to providing uninterrupted electricity,EPL efficiently utilizes capital, machinery, and human resources to cater to the growing energy demands. The company's relentless focus on continuous improvement in customer satisfaction and resource management drives its ambition to become the leading private sector power producer in the country.

Energyprima's Role in Bangladesh's Power Generation

Amidst Bangladesh's serious power shortage, Hosaf Group has made significant contributions to the critical area of power generation through the establishment of Energyprima Limited. Initially incorporated as a private limited company on 15th January 2008 and later converted into a public limited company on 30th March 2010, EPL was awarded four rental power plants to address the acute power crisis in the nation. These plants, equipped with cutting-edge Caterpillar and GE Jenbacher gas engines, have played a vital role in reducing the power shortage and has supplied a continuous 170 MW of electricity to the National Grid. Inspired by the immense opportunities, Energyprima Limited remains resolute in its determination to establish more power plants nationwide, aligning with the government's vision of providing universal access to electricity and making Bangladesh a load shedding-free nation.